AUTHOR: Brad Barton


Exclusive: We talk to John Boyega for Detroit and The Last Jedi!

DETROIT is a movie that exposes the underbelly of police brutality, institutional racism, and law enforcement practices that value blind devotion to policies over civilians’ rights.  These might sound like topics torn from headlines today or from fifty years ago …and that’s exactly the parallel that director Kathryn Bigelow and writer/producer Mark Boal want...

We interview Idris Elba & Matthew McConaughey for The Dark Tower!

Fans of Stephen King ’s eight-volume magnum opus THE DARK TOWER have been waiting a long time for a big-screen adaptation of the sprawling series.  The project has been in development for 10 years and has had a variety of names attached at different points – J.J. Abrams and Ron Howard both flirted with directing a version of the story, while Russell Crowe ,...

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