AUTHOR: Krystian Ramlogan


Top 10 Movie Trailers of 2012

Movie Trailers: Teasers, Theatrical, TV Spots, International, Domestic, Featurettes - they are a preview of what's coming next to our local movie screens. We look at them with anticipation, joy, and horror as we play them over and over scrutinizing each frame and proclaiming our love or hate for what it represents. Everyone has an opinion on what makes a good movie trailer and I'm sure my list...

The Best Movie Trailers of 2011!

A movie trailer can make or break a film. It is a preview that generally speaking gives the viewer some insight into what the movie is about, who is starring in it, and what can be expected from the experience. In coming up with this list, I considered the following criteria: - How did I feel while viewing the Trailer? Was my blood pumping or were my eyeballs bleeding. - The Premise...

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