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DVD Review: Porky's Collection

Scott Weinberg reviews "Porky's Collection"

Preview: Hills 2

The original 1977 HILLS HAVE EYES is one of my very favorite horror movies. Seriously, I think it's a ice-water splash-in-the-face ass-kicker that still holds up pretty well today. So when I heard they were mounting a remake, I got annoyed. Then when I learned that Wes Craven was still involved, I was curious. And then after I saw the... #3

by Scott Weinberg Wow, Oscar nominations, a Presidential address and 4 more Sundance movies ... all in one day! I can't freakin' believe an Adam Sandler movie is now an Oscar nominee, so let's just focus on the fest flicks and have some fun... FINISHING THE GAME From Justin... #2

by Scott Weinberg Back with more angst, misery and strife, everyone! It's Sundance time, and the movies are miserable! (Even the good ones are pretty damn depressing!) Plus, if you've ever considered having sex with a horse, I have a documentary you should probably check out... AN AMERICAN CRIME... #1

by Scott Weinberg Hey there, you cinematic carnivores. Welcome to yet another year at Sundance Film Festival. I've heard a lot of complaints from people that "Meh, Sundance sucks this year," but since most of those comments are coming from people who've seen precisely NONE of the movie selections, you'll forgive me if I don't put too much stock in such...

Sundance FF: Day 1

I (JoBlo) wasn\'t able to get my ass up to Park City this freezing winter, but was lucky enough to receive an offer for coverage from friend of the site, Scott Weinberg, who will let us all know what the shit\'s going on up there...beam us up, my good man! More festival info here! DAY 1: The first day of any film festival is invariably dedicated to the laws of...

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