Avatar 3D roadshow?

Weren't wowed by yesterday's AVATAR trailer? That might be because you saw it on 2D on your computer instead of in a theater in 3D as it was intended. Fox and James Cameron seem keenly aware of that and realize that even after Avatar Day, there will still be plenty of people they need to win over. How do they plan to do this?

Fox has partnered with Panasonic for an aggressive marketing campaign that will have the 3D footage coming to YOU. How exactly? Panasonic will be taking a number of their 103" 3D compatible HDTVs and creating an AVATAR roadshow, if you will. They'll be installing the TVs inside rather large luxury tractor trailers and heading out on a tour or US and Europe. The truck would presumably stop at your mall or local movie theater and you can head inside to be brainwashed treated to "full HD 3D assets" from AVATAR.

It's unclear when exactly the tour will begin (the press release states simply "this fall") or where it will stop along the way but expect more details soon. This is the one time that it's OK if you a stranger asks you to come inside their truck to see something really cool...

Extra Tidbit: James Cameron is editing the film using 3D Panasonic monitors.
Source: Panasonic



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