Avatar aliens!

UPDATE: These images may be nothing like what we see in the final film after all. The artist himself has declared they were just a part of his portfolio and not concept art used for the movie. More specifics can be found at Rope of Silicon.

11.21.08: Details on James Cameron's sci-fi 3D epic AVATAR have been minimal to say the least. We've known for a while that the distant planet's indigenous creatures were blue-skinned humanoids with tails and bioluminescent features, but I think we all personally know somebody like that. So how about specifics?

Got 'em, courtesy of MarketSaw, who tracked down several pieces of concept art featuring what appears to be a female of the species (which, of course, is more deadly than the male). Sadly, it will probably be a painfully long time before we learn just how similar these designs are to the full flesh/digital creations in the finished film.

The movie involves a war veteran who travels to another world and interacts with the alien culture, including one particular indigo-skinned lass. Could this be the leading lady, portrayed via "performance capture" by the foxy Zoe Saldana (aka STAR TREK's new Uhura)? Check out more of the otherworldly babe with squid-dreds RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Cameron's films often feature a strong female character, just mostly not blue and computer-generated. Mostly.
Source: MarketSaw



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