Avatar artwork!

UPDATE: Cameron dropped a note to AICN (apparently his only conduit for communicating with the outside world) to say that the below artwork didn't come from them. Also, he's ecstatic with the movie so far, and his animators are currently in flames. Check the update RIGHT HERE.

James Cameron isn't just the self-proclaimed "king of the world" -- clearly he's got a few more planets he's planning to reign over.

The first "official" promotional pic of his alien epic has found its way online at the Italian site Bad Taste (taken from some kind of Fox preview material), and it's suitably... outer-spacey? Sci-fi novel cover-ish? Cheap-looking for a $250 million project?

Anyway, the ambitious 3-D film doesn't arrive until December of 2009 (guh, so far away). The story involves a disabled war veteran sent to the distant planet Pandora, where Earth visitors find themselves at odds with each other and the indigenous population.

Extra Tidbit: I don't know if it's artistic license or if that other planet is really that close, but I should think that would cause drastic gravitational effects, which doesn't seem to happen in movies (I'm looking at you, PITCH BLACK). But then, I suppose that's why it's called science fiction.
Source: Bad Taste



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