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Avatar bootleg


For whatever reason, AVATAR has been the most bootlegged movie online since its release a two weeks ago, presumably because there is a massive influx of people so upset about steep IMAX prices, they’re going to just steal it and watch a blurry, muffled, 2D version on their laptops for free. Actually, with the amount you’re losing by watching it that way, free almost seems like a fair price.

In any case, there is a lot of work that goes into bootlegging a movie like AVATAR, as sketch comedy group Free Love Forum shows us in the behind the scenes documentary which chronicles how exactly you pull off stealing a movie this epic.

Check it out below, it’s a lot funnier that I would have thought.  

Extra Tidbit: What’s the go-to torrent site nowadays since Mininova died and Pirate Bay lost that court case? Just curious.
Source: Free Love Forum



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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