Avatar Day details

After filmmaker James Cameron managed to keep a lid on AVATAR for so long, the hype train is about to gain significant speed on the approach to the movie's December release.

For starters, Jim and studio Fox are giving the fans (who didn't get to Comic Con) an opportunity to check out some 3D footage on "AVATAR Day", August 21st (which also happens to be Nazi-scalpin' Day). According to the LA Times, 16 minutes of footage from the futuristic thriller will be shown in more than 100 Imax 3-D theaters around the world, with two screenings on Friday, Aug. 21 (at 6 and 6:30 p.m.).

The preview will include an introduction from Cameron and some new footage not shown during July's San Diego Comic-Con.

The trick, of course, is how you can see it: tickets will be given away a first-come, first-served basis on the official website (www.avatarmovie.com) on Monday the 17th at noon PST, 3pm EST.  So rev up your browser and keep your click-finger in shape.

Extra Tidbit: The regular trailer for AVATAR will also arrive next Friday. No 3D glasses required. Only optimism goggles.
Source: LA Times



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