Avatar fanatics can visit the Exhibition in Seattle next year

If you're someone who absolutely can't get enough of James Cameron's AVATAR, you'd better start thinking about booking a trip to Seattle.

Next June, the city's Experience Music Project Science Fiction Museum will provide visitors a chance to get a first-hand look inside the spectacular world of Pandora through AVATAR: The Exhibition.

While exhibition tours showcasing big movie franchises are nothing new, AVATAR was mostly constructed inside computers, so what sorts of props and material will be on display? Check all the official details below.

Developed in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment, AVATAR: The Exhibition will feature authentic props and costumes, interactive displays, concept models, and sketches from the blockbuster film.

“The exhibition is going to be a unique opportunity for people to learn more not only about how the film was made, but also experience Pandora in a much deeper way. Fans will be able to see in-person the workmanship behind the film, whether it’s how scenes are captured; or how a Na’vi costume was built first as a real world garment then produced digitally,” said director James Cameron. “It’ll create a tactical reality that’ll be a good companion to having seen the movie.”

AVATAR: The Exhibition will include elaborate displays of artifacts and props such as the actual AMP (Armored Mobility Platform) suit used in the combat scenes, soldier uniforms, and the original, hand-made models of the Na’vi characters and their wardrobes. Visitors will get to step into Cameron’s role as director and experience the process of creating a film like AVATAR through a series of interactive installations that demonstrate the groundbreaking usage of motion capture, virtual and 3-D technologies in film. The creation of Pandora will also be explored, revealing the science behind the universe, the creatures, the plants and origins of the Na’vi culture.

“We’re honored to work with James Cameron and debut AVATAR: The Exhibition at our museum in Seattle,” said Brooks Peck, Associate Curator at EMP|SFM. “AVATAR completely revolutionized filmmaking, advancing production technologies and processes, and forever changing how we watch movies. In the exhibition, we’ll bring to life the imagination of AVATAR as well as the technological innovations Cameron mastered to capture the magic on-screen.”

Robert Marick, Executive Vice President of Fox Consumer Products added, “This installation continues an effort on behalf of Fox to bring the AVATAR experience to life off the screen. The exhibit will be a true tribute to the amazing world created by James Cameron and to the fans that celebrate it.”

AVATAR: The Exhibition will run in Seattle through September 3, 2012, and then travel to other major arts and cultural institutions in the U.S. and abroad.

Extra Tidbit: Don't suppose they'll let me take out one of those mech suits for a test drive... I got some neighbors I'd like to "deal" with.
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