Avatar game trailer

I know what you naysayers are thinking, "Didn't we already see the video game trailer yesterday? Hur hur!" But Na’vi/Delgo comparisons aside, today we have the debut trailer of the actual AVATAR video game trailer, which serves the dual purpose of showing us new creatures and environments from the world of Pandora, and making us appreciate the CGI of the movie trailer a lot more.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure these are top of the line Xbox 360 in-game graphics, but watching this in conjunction with yesterday’s trailer is like racing a Ferrari against a Yugo. It’s not the Yugo’s fault it looks like shit in comparison; it just has technical limitations that it's physically impossible to overcome.

The game actually looks like it could be a pretty good time, and Cameron himself reportedly had a lot to do with its development. However, I am a bit hesitant about killing rainbow colored dinosaur creatures that I’d really much rather be friends with. I feel like I’m razing Smurf Village or firebombing the Carebear Kingdom, but hey, anything to up my Gamerscore.

Extra Tidbit: I foresee an AVATAR RTS game in the future.
Source: JoBlo



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