Avatar IMAX poster

It is another giant head poster, but it's quite pretty.

James Cameron's AVATAR is not only highly anticipated by the fans of this site, but by movie fans everywhere. With the knowledge that any AVATAR news is good news, thanks to IMP AWARDS we have a look at the new IMAX poster for the film.

We're only 9 days away from seeing if Cameron's masterpiece lives up to the hype it's been getting. While I won't be buying midnight tickets, I am interested in seeing the film. For some reason, I'm also interested in Sam Worthington's swift rise to blockbuster golden boy. Seriously, the guys starts out with a part in one episode of JAG and is now not only in AVATAR but also the remake of CLASH OF THE TITANS. Who can say that for David James Elliot? Anyway, enjoy this poster and sing along to the theme by Leona Lewis.

Extra Tidbit: Worthington was actually a finalist to play James Bond in CASINO ROYALE before Daniel Craig was cast.
Source: IMP Awards



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