Avatar meets NFL

The new AVATAR trailer that debuted in theaters last week, popped up in bootleg form in the internet shortly thereafter and will debut officially on the internet later today, will have a massive airing this weekend on TV. Fox has announced that the 3:30 trailer will air towards the end of the "Fox NFL Sunday" broadcast while it runs live on the giant monstrosity of a TV hanging above Cowboys Stadium before the Cowboys play the Seahawks. It's what Fox is calling the largest ever live viewing of a trailer in history. And it's the least the NFL could do for the poor fans who actually have to sit through a Cowboys/Seahawks game.

After the trailer airs (no official time was given but expect it to be about 12:50pm EST), 90-second AVATAR commercials will run all day throughout the Fox Sports presentations of NFL football and Game 4 of the World Series. It's quite the ingenious little plan by Fox as this weekend was shaping up to be a big football viewing weekend with Favre and Vikings return to Lambeau to play the Packers, the Giants taking on rival Eagles and the Rams play the Lions (oh yeah, no one gives a shit about that game).

Extra Tidbit: There's a really good Cowboys/AVATAR joke in there but I'll just bite my tongue and move on...
Source: JoBlo.com



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