Avatar release date

James Cameron Fox isn't letting a possible nominal showdown with M. Night Shyamalan deter them from moving full steam ahead with James Cameron's epic sci fi adventure AVATAR. They've recently announced that Cameron's return to narrative sci fi filmmaking will debut Memorial Day Weekend of 2009 (which would put it around May 29th ifi t's released on a Friday or May 27th if they decide to capitalize on the weekend and release it the Wednesday). The film centers on a young soldier (played by Sam Worthington) who's sent to a distant planet inhabited by a humanoid race of people known as the Na'vi in order to exploit and harvest the planet's rich biodiversity but instead he finds himself sympathizing with the oppressed race and helps lead a revolution. That's 27 months, schmoes and schmoettes, so get those countdown clocks started.

Extra Tidbit: Not content to tango with The Shams, Cameron is taking on the entire Christian community by producing a documentary claiming Jesus did not rise from the dead and fathered a son with Mary Magdelene. It's tentatively titled THE DA VINCI CODE RELOADED: YOU'RE GOIN DOWN, CHRISTIANS Get the details HERE.
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