Avatar sex scene?

While I'm sure you can already find AVATAR porn / artwork / slashfic online (I probably don't need to cite Rule #34), the anatomy and functionality is obviously just speculative.

But apparently when the DVD arrives (in April?), we'll discover for ourselves how those elongated blue aliens handle the Pandoran equivalent of the nasty.

According to filmmaker James Cameron, the Neytiri/Jake "coupling" was more detailed than the minor friction in the final film: "We had it in and we cut it out. So that will be something for the special edition DVD, if you want to see how they have sex." (If??)

Unsurprising to anyone who's seen the movie, those funky head tendrils that plug into all life on the Na'vi world play a part in getting busy (Braid jobs? Hair hammer?). As Neytiri's sexy non-blue counterpart Zoe Saldana explains: "If you sync to your banshee and you’re syncing to a tree, why not sync into a person? I almost feel like you’ll have the most amazing orgasm, I guess. It was a very funny scene to shoot because there were so many technical things that sometimes you have to keep in mind that paying attention to all those might disrupt the fluidity of how a scene is supposed to take place."

Extra Tidbit: G'head - share your own Na'vi sexual euphemisms. I'm certain I wasn't the only one having "those" thoughts during the movie...
Source: ReelzChannel



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