Avatar Teaser Poster?

One of the best parts about upcoming movie news is getting a super early, so early that it’s almost naughty, peek at the teaser poster for a much-talked about blockbuster epic from a truly revolutionary director. Well folks, today is that day because what we have for you here is some real live spy sh*t.

The image on the right seems to be an authentic teaser poster for James Cameron’s upcoming AVATAR, and was taken from a ‘mood room’ at the WETA studios in New Zealand, where production on the film’s complex effects is underway. Also, the photographer claimed that the photo had a strange 3-D quality to it, that the logo and the earth pop out, and the light around it moves when you do. Man, even Cameron’s posters are advanced. Anyway, we’ll know soon enough whether or not this poster is authentic, but it looks legit to me.  AVATAR comes out May 2009. Click image to enlarge and thanks to 'sjc' for the head's up.

Extra Tidbit: James Cameron was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada.
Source: JoBlo.com



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