Avatar tix on sale?

Worried that you'll show up to the movie theater and all the tickets for your movie will be all sold out? Well you gotta pre-order your tickets man! FOUR MONTHS IN ADVANCE! Yup, Fandango is already taking ticket orders for AVATAR, which doesn't open until December 18th. You can click here to order tickets for AVATAR in Imax and click here for Imax in standard format.

I guess the obvious question is, Is this really necessary? Well, no. Of course not. It's all just part of the AVATAR hype machine. But I guess the better question is whether all this hype is helping or hurting the movie itself. We all saw what happened when the trailer debuted on the web. While I wouldn't say the response was overwhelmingly negative, it certainly wasn't overwhelmingly positive either. Hell on our site the WOLFMAN trailer got a better rating from readers. If AVATAR hype keeps up at this level (and presumably even ramps up) over the next few months, will it start turning you off to the movie? Are you getting sick of the hype already or can you deal with it as part of the process?

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if Fox is gonna hire actors to camp out in front of movie theaters this December and "wait in line."
Source: Fandango



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