Avatar viral site

In an effort the jump start a bit of the hype AVATAR has lost since its lackluster trailer debut a few weeks ago, Fox (and Coca-Cola!) have launched AVTR.com, a viral site purported to be "your daily source of information about the Resource Development Administration’s AVTR program."

The site doesn’t have a whole hell of a lot on it at this point, with a few concept art sketches, a duo of cryptic, technical blog posts, a short video of Stephen Lang's Colonel Quartich yelling at you in ultra-camp mode and of course, a Twitter feed. All of that and I still have no idea what AVTR stands for, though maybe I’ve missed that in a past plot description?

As far as viral marketing campaigns go, I’d give it about a 3 out of 10, but knowing how stingy Fox is with footage, I’m guessing the site’s creators did the best they could with not a whole lot to work with. Maybe put up a few solider interviews? Some top-secret jungle exploration footage? You’re going to have to give us something to keep us wanting more, and right now a yelled threat of creatures who “want to eat my eyes like JuJu beans” just isn’t cutting it for me.

Extra Tidbit: It is comforting to know that JuJu beans have survived this far into the future. Same with Facebook and Twitter.
Source: io9



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