Avetar trailer

I'm not going to preface this the way I’ve seen it presented all around the internet like, "OMG the AVATAR trailer has been leaked!!! You totally have to watch its awesomenessss!" and then have you get pissed off when it’s a fake (though the spelling probably should have tipped you off).

But that being said, it’s a pretty hilarious forgery, and I think sums up the general public’s mood about the film, showing that we’re damn sick of waiting for footage from the movie, so we’re willing to just make up our own at this point. Personally, I think this whole “Avatar Day” idea is bullshit, as I really don’t want to fight off thousands of other F5 page-refreshing internet goons for a chance to catch a glimpse of movie’s shining glory. Despite the hype to the contrary, this isn’t the second coming of Christ. Release a few regular trailers, then release the movie, it ain’t that hard.

Check out the fake trailer below, which somehow manages to be the most satisfying release concerning the film I’ve seen so far.

Extra Tidbit: Sorry for the harsh tone, I am excited for the film I just wish Cameron and the studio would stop treating it like the ninth wonder of the world pre-release.
Source: JoBlo



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