AvP2 Pred-Alien?

UPDATE: One of our astute readers has informed us that this hybrid concept was in fact rejected and won't be the one seen in the movie. Which is too bad, since I was grooving to it. Let's hope whatever they DID choose is at least better than the hybrid in ALIEN RESURRECTION...

If you survived to the final moments of AVP (and could see through your tears of anguish over the destruction of two beloved franchises), the idea of a hybrid Alien and Predator won't be a surprise. So the upcoming sequel AvP2 ("No matter who wins, we lose AGAIN") seems to be picking up immediately following those chest-bursting moments, since we have a glimpse of what that extraterrestrial combo may look like.

The gore-lords at our grisly sister Arrow in the Head came across some designs of this potential superbeast, and it actually looks pretty snaz. It doesn't deviate significantly from the original xenomorph appearance, but it does have funky fingers and hints of that distinct Predator vagina mouth, plus lots of spines and semi-dreadlocks. See more views of this acid-bleeding head collector RIGHT HERE.

The sequel has FX guys Greg and Colin Strause making their feature debut on the conflict, which supposedly again takes place here on Earth with humans stuck in the middle. And it'll be your Christmas present -- the release is curiously set for December 25th. At least it'll be rated R, until the studio changes their mind...
Extra Tidbit: At least the AvP2 special effects should be solid -- the Strause brothers worked on visual FX for dozens of shows and movies including X-FILES, BAND OF BROTHERS, TITANIC, T3 and the modern classic TORQUE.
Source: AITH



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