Award-winning Spanish action drama Celda 211 to be remade by Paul Haggis?

Hey, look! Another great foreign film is about to be remade!

According to Deadline, CBS Films is looking to acquire the rights to Daniel Monzón's CELDA 211, the terrific 2009 Spanish-language film starring Luis Tosar (THE LIMITS OF CONTROL, MIAMI VICE), Alberto Ammann, and Carlos "brother of Javier" Bardem that swept the Goya Awards (the Spanish Oscars) nabbing Best Film, Best Director, and Best Screenplay among other honors. Writer/Director Paul Haggis (THE NEXT THREE DAYS, CRASH) is in talks to adapt the film and hoping to direct. He'll also be producing along with collaborator Michael Nozik (SYRIANA, THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES).

A breakdown of the film (to be renamed CELL 211):

"A newly hired prison guard wants to make a good impression on his bosses, and he leaves behind his pregnant wife and comes in a day early to get a tour of the facility. When a brutal prison riot breaks out, he is knocked unconscious and when he awakens, the guard is forced to assume the role of a prisoner alongside the most dangerous killers alive. He tries to defuse the uprising and escape before the prisoners realize who he really is."

Haggis' next film, THE NEXT THREE DAYS, starring Russell Crowe, Liam Neeson, and Elizabeth Banks, opens on November 19th.

Trailer for Monzón's original film (en Español):

Extra Tidbit: Remakes like this can go kiss my ass.
Source: Deadline



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