Awesomest Cast

Spoofs were cool so so long ago I can barely remember when. I think it was back when my mom used to be hot or my brother didn't have crippling acne. Spoofs were cool when the NAKED GUN series was running shit and the HOT SHOT series was a close second. But now with the Scary, Date and Disaster movies running amuck, spoofs have made a resurgence, no matter how lame they may be. So it is with a pensive, deep grimace that I announce the creation of THE LEGEND OF AWESOMEST MAXIMUS. a spoof of sword-and-sandal flicks such as GLADIATOR, 300 and TROY presented by the the once-great folks over at National Lamppon.

The film's cast is led by Mad TV's Will Sasso who will be joined by Ian Ziering, Kristanna Loken, and Sophie Monk among others. Although I am by no means excited for this fim, I'm still pretty impressed that director Jeff Kanew was able to land such an A-List crowd for a relatively low profile film. Way to go Jeff. Keep on truckin'.
Extra Tidbit: It's about time Will Sasso becomes a movie star.
Source: H. Reporter



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