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Awfully Good Movies: Dr. Strange (Video)


Dr. Strange (1978)
Director: Philip DeGuere
Stars: Peter Hooten, Jessica Walter, John Mills

This weekend finally marks the arrival of Marvel’s sorcerer supreme DOCTOR STRANGE to the big screen, so Awfully Good Movies is downgrading to the small screen to review the doctor’s original live-action incarnation in the 1978 TV movie DR. STRANGE, starring Peter Hooten, Jessica Walter and John Mills! In the same year that saw them air THE INCREDIBLE HULK and SPIDER-MAN TV shows (as well as THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL, BTW), CBS decided to go for a trifecta of Marvel TV shows with a Doctor Strange TV pilot. But with its bargain-basement dimensional effects, cheap creature costumes, and bland-as-water lead actor, it’s not that hard to figure out why this show never made it to series. So the next time you want to bitch about the latest episode of LUKE CAGE or JESSICA JONES, just remember that mental image of Doctor Strange shooting lasers out of his hands at a young Lucille Bluth, and you’ll recognize how lucky you kids have it nowadays.

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Extra Tidbit: For anyone complaining that Doctor Strange's outfit in this movie isn't faithful to the comic, writer/director Philip DeGuere defended the changes he made in a 1978 Starlog interview: "I tried to keep as much to the comic costume as possible, but those tend to look silly on real people...Actually, we ended up working with a model of a gentleman going to the opera. Itís the only instance in modern dress where a guy would wear a cape." Umm, I'm pretty sure the only person who'd still wear a cape to the opera in 1978 would be Count Dracula, but either way...shit still looked silly, Phil. Just saying.
Source: JoBlo.com



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