Azaria doubles up

It’s a pair of ancient roles for Hank Azaria, the man behind the voices of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Chief Wiggum Comic Book Guy, Carl Carlson, Cletus Spuckler, Professor Frink, Dr. Nick Riviera, Lou, Snake, Kirk Van Houten, the Sea Captain, Superintendent Chalmers, Duffman in some animated show I’ve never heard of. He’s joined the cast of NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2: ESCAPE FROM THE SMITHSONIAN, as an Egyptian pharaoh named Rah Mun Kah. On top of that, Azaria has joined the cast of the Judd Apatow-produced biblical comedy YEAR ONE, playing Abraham.

Azaria joins Ben Stiller and the recently-added Amy Adams (ENCHANTED) in the MUSEUM sequel, and Jack Black and Michael Cera in the Harold Ramis-directed YEAR ONE. It must feel pretty good to know that you schedule for the next little while is booked not only with a regular gig on the longest running comedy on television, but with two bonafide box office moneymakers. Good on you Hank. He’s also currently finishing up a Broadway run in THE FARNSWORTH INVENTION.

Extra Tidbit: Azaria based the voice of Moe the bartender on Al Pacino.



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