Babylon contest!

Did you ever want to have something you'd made up on the big-screen? How about on a big-screen, on a big-screen? The beautiful Janine over at VinXperience has brought my attention to the following BABYLON AD contest, which sounds pretty cool. Here's an exerpt from the blog:

Mathieu and all the post-production team are working on BABYLON AD as I am typing these lines. BABYLON AD or BAD as we call it, is an adventure set in a close future, starring Vin Diesel, Melanie Thierry, Michelle Yeoh, Mark Strong, GĂ©rard Depardieu, Lambert Wilson, Charlotte Rampling ... and many more.

Mathieu's goal is to enhance the authenticity of this film by adding futuristic and innovative ads and fake news footage. We will integrate them, throughout the film on various screens : futuristic TVs, personal tablets, vehicles and especially on a huge scale, on the sides of New York buildings. That is why he though he should launch this contest to give a chance to anyone who wishes to show their vision of the future.

Whether you are a director, a designer willing to present a prototype or even a brand wishing to show it's futuristic products, this contest is for you !

The deadline it September 30th, 2007 !!

Sounds pretty cool, huh? So get your editing on!



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