Back to the Future returns to theaters for its 25th Anniversary

I'm perhaps dating myself here but I still remember going to see BACK TO THE FUTURE in the theater at some kids birthday party. Nowadays if you took a bunch of six-year-olds to a movie that featured a handful of uses of "shit," "asshole" and "bitch" (not to mention calling someone a "spook"), you'd probably have Child Protective Services on your ass but at the time, no one seemed to care. Now you have the chance to revisit your inner-child (or introduce the film to the younger generation) as BACK TO THE FUTURE is heading back into theaters.

The film is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year and to celebrate, it will be seeing a limited re-release in theaters this October. AMC Theaters is showing the original film twice - once on October 23 and once on October 25 (the day Marty McFly went back in time) - in over 40 cities in the US. (A re-release in the UK was previously announced.)

The print shown looked to be the digital remaster that you'll also see on the upcoming Blu-ray of the film and there's no doubt it'll look better than ever. And as an added bonus, all attendees will get a full-size BACK TO THE FUTURE poster just for showing up. Click here to head to AMC's site to see if BTTF is playing near you and to purchase tickets. If you're going to the NYC showing, look for me, cause I know I'll be there.

Extra Tidbit: Why don't they do more stuff like this?
Source: AMC



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