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Back2Future ride over

Back2Future ride over

Back to the Future If, like yours truly, some of you out there have fond childhood memories of strapping into the DeLorean at Universal Studios and going on an exhilarating time-bending adventure following the footsteps of Marty McFly in the BACK TO THE FUTURE ride, it's certainly at least a mildly disappointing day. Universal Studios in Hollywood has, as of yesterday, shut down the ride in order to make way for an all new The Simpsons ride, seeing as how THE SIMPSONS MOVIE made an assload of cash. The close comes on the heels of the original ride at Universal Studios Florida shutting down on March 30th of this year. Both rides had good, long runs and they were bound to be closed eventually but it still seems just a tad bit sudden. What do you guys think?

Extra Tidbit: Universal Studios Japan still operates a BACK TO THE FUTURE ride and has no plans to shut down anytime soon.
Source: The Star



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