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Bacon grows Frost

Jun. 4, 2007by:

Finally! Dolph Lundgren can now successfully be linked to Kevin Bacon in just 2 steps. Wait a second... Dolph Lundgren was in JOSHUA TREE with Beau Starr who was in WHERE THE TRUTH LIES with...Kevin Bacon! Damn. Well it's still cool nonetheless that Kevin Bacon has joined Lundgren's former MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE nemesis Frank Langella in FROST/NIXON. Bacon will star in the Ron Howard adaptation of the award-winning play about the interviews between former president Richard Nixon and newsman David Frost. Bacon will play Nixon's chief of staff Jack Brennan. Also in the film are Michael Sheen (who, along with Langella, is reprising his Broadway role), Sam Rockwell, Toby Jones and Matthew Macfadyen. Filming is expected to begin later this summer. Bacon can be seen next in the thriller DEATH SENTENCE and the Warner Independent pic RAILS AND TIES.

Extra Tidbit: For all your Kevin Bacon separation needs, you must check out the Oracle of Bacon


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10:12AM on 06/04/2007

3 steps

Every actor I could think of was 2 steps or less. Anyone found a 3 or more?
Every actor I could think of was 2 steps or less. Anyone found a 3 or more?
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Latest Movie News Headlines

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