Bad Lt. trailer #2

    Cage n' Fairuza - Bad Lieut.

Somebody needs to take my temperature: I'm actually looking forward to 2 -count 'em TWO- projects involving Nic Cage; KICK ASS of course, and now BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS. Val Kilmer looking like his 80s crazy self probably has something to do with it, along with the still-way-hot Fairuza Balk.

Werner Herzog's take on the Abel Ferrera 1992 thriller, which our own Chris Bumbray called "destined to become a cult classic/ midnight movie", stars Cage as a detective who investigates a series of post-Katrina brutal killing while hooked on pain killers and sex. Perfect for a Cage wig-out performance. Although this once it looks like fun! We'll see when it comes out November 20th. Though in limited release. Darn.

Yahoo movies posted an official trailer for the film, 'cause apparently the one everybody got back in May was unofficial, so here you go, right down there. or OVER HERE for glorious HD.

Extra Tidbit: Was that a really quick shot of Brad Dourif in there? They should capitalize on that guy way more for marketing- he's amazing even in piss-poor movies. Like in Cage's AMOS & ANDY.
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