Baghead poster

Who here knows what mumblecore is raise your hand! If you think it’s porn where people screw each other by uttering incoherent and incomplete sentences to each other, you’re partly right. If some of you said an American independent film movement, that’s ultra low-budget and stars twenty-something actors who play slackers trying to cope with the new hassles of adulthood, then you’re fully right. And the Duplass brothers are two of the directors at the forefront of this movement, having made the mumblecore film THE PUFFY CHAIR, which I saw and is pretty well done. It’s not like your average indie film. It’s one of those movies where the main character’s parents in the film are his parents in real life—a group of friends who got together to make a movie, and who did it well.

BELOW is the poster for the Duplass Brothers’ follow-up to the PUFFY CHAIR called BAGHEAD. The plot summary from IMDb: “The Duplass Brothers explore the minutiae of relationship dynamics in this in-depth study of a group of desperate actor friends. And a bag. And a head.” Yep, that sounds about right, and without one recognizable actor in the cast. Mumblecore at its finest.

Extra Tidbit: Baghead screened at the 2008 SXSW festival. Any mublecore fans out there?
Source: impawards.com



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