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It's an almost comically slow news day here, so I'm going to point you in the direction of a non-news related item I found amusing today. Over on Cinematical, they have one of their top seven lists, but with special guest Bai Ling writing it. What's she counting down? Why the seven best Bai Ling sex scenes of course! And man, is she excited about it.

Some examples:

Lost (2007)

"We were realistic when we were doing whatever we were doing – kissing, feeling each other – we didn't know each other, but we did it so passionately. When you watch it, that love making scene is actually really sexy. I like it, it's really well done. Matthew Fox is very handsome. We naturally had this chemistry. We never had to talk about it. In that scene our characters just click. That's one I enjoyed. I wish I could go back!"

Entourage (2005)

"We tried to figure out how to do it. It was on a Japanese-style tatami and they panned to me sitting on top of him; I was naked but his leg was covered. It was really sexy. The passersby see us making love. Also, I was fighting with him and that's love making, too. Everything she did was like a seduction."

Love Ranch (TBD)

"I play the highest earning prostitute, so of course her whole being is about sex: to please men and to make love with men, either physically or psychologically. She's the expert; she's like a movie star in that ranch. She has long black hair and her walk, her talk – she's totally a sexy goddess walking on earth. Every movie, I'm making love. I feel like I'm a fairytale sex goddess who landed from the moon for men to enjoy and appreciate, and for women to know themselves through her.

I bolded that last part, just in case you missed it. Bai Ling is hot, hilarious and quite possibly insane, but I kind of think I love her.

Head over to Cinematical to see the rest of the list.

Extra Tidbit: "I'm a fairytale sex goddess who landed from the moon." Just let that sink in.
Source: Cinematical



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