Baldwin rules Brooklyn

Even though I avoid movies with the slightly less famous Baldwin brothers like rape (unless it's THE USUAL SUSPECTS), I am very partial to the odd Alec Baldwin flick. I'll see anything in which he plays an arrogant hard-ass and BROOKLYN RULES looks like it falls into that category. The film, written by Terence Winter of SOPRANOS fame looks at three boyhood friends (Freddie Prinze Jr., Jerry Ferrera and Scott Caan) whose lives are turned upside down when one of them gets involved with the mob.

Baldwin plays Caeser Mangarano, the big-boss, which is a turn-around from the role he played in THE DEPARTED, but it looks like he delivers his lines with the same kind of gusto. Hopefully it's Scott Caan that's getting involved with the mafia because I just don't know that I could get on board with Freddie Prinze Jr. kicking ass, and Ferrera will always be Turtle in my head. Click HERE to check out the trailer.
Extra Tidbit: Baldwin wrote the LAW AND ORDER episode 'Tabloids', based on his own personal experience with tabloids.
Source: Film Junk



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