Bale fights Wahlberg

Darren Aronofsky and Brad Pitt have left the upcoming boxing drama THE FIGHTER and have been replaced by director David O. Russell and Christian Bale. Bale will co-star alongside Mark Wahlberg in the story of boxer Mickey Ward and his neer-do-well brother Dicky Ecklund. The project was originally set up with Wahlberg and Matt Damon starring with Darren Aronofsky directing for Paramount. Matt Damon was forced to drop out due to scheduling issues and Brad Pitt became attached to the film. Pitt brought a lot of baggage to the film as well (including scheduling and script issues) and that caused the film significant delays forcing both he and Aronofsky to bail.

The one constant has been Wahlberg who will reteam with director Russell for the third time (they previously collaborated on THREE KINGS and I HEART HUCKABEES). While this has nothing to do with anything, it's interesting to note the teaming of Russell and Bale, two people behind the most notorious taped on-set freakouts of all time (and on a movie about fighting nonetheless). Filming on THE FIGHTER is expected to begin in July, which means the Will Ferrell/Wahlberg cop comedy THE B-TEAM will likely have to wait until after the summer to begin filming.

Extra Tidbit: So does this mean Aronofsky is working on his Noah's Ark project instead?
Source: Variety



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