Bale is thrice Connor

If you were concerned that Christian Bale's involvement in the new TERMINATOR movie(s) would be minimal, fear not -- the Batsuit-wearing Brit will smash those metal motherf*ckers into junk at least three times, assuming the franchise retains momentum.

Bale plays the adult John Connor in the scorched future of McG's new TERMINATOR, but there was speculation as to whether the offspring of Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn would be a central figure or essentially a "supporting role," with Bale adding genre cred and name value. According to producer Derek Anderson, "He read the script and he loved it, so he's signed on for all three."

The production, now underway, is going to lengths in order to prevent leakage -- apparently the actors involved are only getting script pages for the scenes they're actually in. No further details were given on the plot (which, we can assume, involves the vestiges of mankind fighting cyborgs), or the potential appearance of the guy who made mechanical assassin so popular, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The flick is due in theaters next May.
Extra Tidbit: The TERMINATOR television series THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES returns this fall, which makes me kind of happy.
Source: BBC



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