Bale on Dark Knight

IESB.net recently sat down with good old Christian Bale, got him in a choke-hold and basically forced him to give them something on THE DARK KNIGHT. Obviously it wasn't quite as theatrical as that, but hey, they got a little something, even though evidently he had to feign thirst to avoid one of their questions. We all know how crazy everyone is for even the slightest sliver of news on the flick, so head on over to IESB.net to check out their interview. he talks a bit about training, and about looking forward to working with Heath Ledger. He was also talking a bit about RESCUE DAWN, and a bit more candidly than he was THE DARK KNIGHT, which sucks, but is understandable. And besides, we don't really want to know that much do we?
Extra Tidbit: If you're in a relationship, for the benefit of it's longevity, make October of this year a 'no-sex' month, because I don't know about you, but if I'm in the middle of watching THE DARK KNIGHT when it opens in July '08, and my girl's water breaks or something, she's headed to the hospital on her lonesome.
Source: IESB.net



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