Bale's father is?...

In McG's TERMINATOR SALVATION: THE FUTURE BEGINS, we know that Christian Bale stars as John Connor but who will star as Kyle Reese, his father? How about Charlie Bartlett? Yes, Anton Yelchin, the doe-eyed teen from CHARLIE BARTLETT and HEART OF ATLANTIS, will play a young Michael Biehn in the fourth TERMINATOR film. I don't know that I picture Yelchin as very Biehn-esque but maybe this is before he becomes a Linda Hamilton humping bad-ass. In the film Reese will play one of the few who survived the nuclear holocaust who befriends an early Terminator named Marcus (Sam Worthington). Another interesting bit of TERMINATOR news has Oscar-winner Paul Haggis (CRASH) in negotiations to do a rewrite on the script (currently credited to John Brancato and Michael Ferris of TERMINATOR 3). Yelchin just recently wrapped STAR TREK for JJ Abrams and has a role in the upcoming indie drama MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Filming on TERMINATOR SALVATION (which I thought was dropping that laborious title?) is set to begin this May.

Extra Tidbit: Yelchin's middle name is Viktorovich.



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