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Balls of Fury Maggie Q When one thinks of ping pong, one doesn't necessarily think of a chubby, hirsute former pro ping pong phenom recruited by the FBI to infiltrate an underground ping pong tournament in order to take down a nefarious, kimono-clad Christopher Walken. And that, schmoes and schmoettes, is why Hollywood is here. To bring us hilariously absurd situations involving sports previously thought mundane (and also to provide us with a steady stream of nubile hotties who insist their fame has absolutely nothing to do with their mind-numbing hotness but that's a story for another day). And though these movies usually star Will Ferrell, in this case, I'm referring to Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon's upcoming delightfully titled BALLS OF FURY. Throw in an appetizing Maggie Q making sexually suggestive puns involving "balls" and we have ourselves genuine Hollywood magic. Check out the film's recently activated official site HERE. It opens August 31st.

Extra Tidbit: Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon are the duo behind "Reno 911!".
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