Banderas talks Puss

    Puss not know what's goin' on

I haven't been a big fan of the Shrek franchise since the second left me yawning, but that's about as long as a Puss in Boots movie has been in the works, and he was the only part of that film I found interesting, so what's going on? There's a fifth Shrek in the pipeline and still no Puss? That didn't come out right...

The folks of Latino Review caught up with Antonio Benderas during his promo for THE OTHER MAN where he quickly confirmed that things were still "going good" for the film, whatever that means. He also mentioned a Puss Halloween special to air next year. Unless he meant "Shrek or Treat" which had been promised for October this year. Did that get pushed back?

So no confirmation of timeline for when we'll see Puss in theaters, nor if Salma Hayek is still attached to voice a sexy kitty. Banderas did say though that story would take place between the 4th and 5th Shrek films, the latter being planned for 2013. Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy still have a few paychecks left in front of them...

Extra Tidbit: I was working in a movie theater when the first Shrek came out, and snatched a promo banner of Donkey, simply because I like to say I got Eddie Murphy's ass. Wonder if someone dares say they got Antonio's Puss... And for those who were wondering about those banners, employees get them and they don't share, trust me.
Source: Latino Review



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