Bangkok poster

After looking at the poster for the new Nic Cage movie BANGKOK DANGEROUS, the first thought that came to my mind was that Bangkok has one of the most industrially horrifying skylines I've ever seen, and there was no way a skyline this grotesque skirted my attention all these years. Then upon closer squinting, I realized hey, those aren't buildings, they're guns! Got me again poster designers! BANGKOK DANGEROUS is directed by the Pang Brothers and is a remake of their 1999 Thai film of the same name (except in Thai). Cage plays a hitman who goes to Thailand on assignment. In the original, the hitman was deaf and mute, but since Cage is a big star and needs to have his minimum requirement of lines, the filmmakers decided to make his girlfriend (played by Hong Kong actress Charlie Yeung) the deaf mute instead, in order to maintain that same level of complexity in their relationship. The poster doesn't tell you much, except that this will be a gun-loaded action movie. At least it takes place in an exotic locale, which should provide some interesting sequences in its own right. If you've ever been to Bangkok you'll know they have some of the best whorehouses in Southeast Asia, so I gunfight at a Thai brothel couldn't hurt.

Extra Tidbit: Production on this film was temporarily halted because of the 2006 coup on the Thai government.
Source: impawards.com



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