Banks, Deschanel, Mortimer, and Jones join Paul Rudd in My Idiot Brother

Last week we reported that the lovable and hilarious Paul Rudd was cast in the indie comedy MY IDIOT BROTHER as, sure enough, the titular broseph. It was also said that he would have three sisters, and now it appears they've been cast as well.

Playing the female siblings will be Elizabeth Banks (THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN), Zooey Deschanel ([500] DAYS OF SUMMER), and Emily Mortimer (HARRY BROWN). Rashida Jones (rejoining her I LOVE YOU, MAN co-star) will play Deschanel's girlfriend.

From THR: "Banks is a career-driven single about to get her big break in journalism after spending years writing about accessories at a fashion magazine; Deschanel is a bisexual whose flakiness and lies are getting in the way of moving forward with her caring, responsible girlfriend (Jones); and Mortimer plays a Park Slope mom too worried about having the perfect life and children to notice that her marriage is falling apart."

Rudd, again, plays the "idealist" brother of the film who moves out of his mom's place and crashes at the homes of his sisters bringing "truth, happiness and a sunny disposition into their lives while also wreaking havoc."

MY IDIOT BROTHER begins filming next month.
Extra Tidbit: But will Deschanel and Jones have a steamy love scene together? Why don't the trades ever answer these important questions?



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