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Banned Zack, Miri art


Yesterday the new red-band trailer for ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO hit the internet. Sadly there's no such thing as a red-band poster. While the trailer was OK'd by the MPAA, the poster was not. Entertainment Weekly got an exclusive look at the banned poster that the MPAA thought was too racy for American theater lobbies (never mind the MIRRORS poster, which gave my kids nightmares when we went to see WALL-E). The poster will instead be shipping up north to the home country of JoBlo, Canada, where it will be used as their own extra-special poster. Says writer/director Kevin Smith of the controversy, "I understand they've got a job to do, but c'mon...this image isn't that dirty; they're both fully clad." And only the most seasoned, experienced and f*cked up kid is even going to know what's going on here...

UPDATE - JoBlo reader Jesse forwards us the poster below and says, "This poster is really no different is it? And I remember in fact receiving this poster at the movie theater I work at in town, and displaying it in the lobby." It's one of three teaser posters for GOOD LUCK CHUCK that is far more graphic than anything in the ZACK AND MIRI poster. Is Kevin Smith's film being persecuted because it has the word "porno" in the title? Looks like bullshit to me...

Extra Tidbit: I've never made a woman make a face like Elizabeth Banks is making...
Source: EW.com



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