Barbarella lives?

Robert Rodriguez had put substantial time and effort into developing a BARBARELLA remake, but left the project when it would've required filming in Germany (and considering the guy literally has his own studio in his backyard, that's probably understandable).

Most people assumed the update would endlessly drift in the void, but not so, says Moviehole. Their insiders claims that Universal and rights-holder/producer Dino De Laurentiis are currently meeting with new writers to breathe life into the healthy lungs of the saucy space vixen.

The project had originally been in the pipe with a $70 million budget and Rodriguez's main squeeze Rose McGowan in (and out of) the title character's skintight garb. What kind of cost and actress they're now aiming for is unknown.

The cheeky original 1968 erotic sci-fi flick starred Jane Fonda as an intergalactic adventuress dispatched to find a mad scientist, a mission that involves intermittent disrobing and copulation.

Extra Tidbit: Duran Duran not only took their name from the movie's villain, but also wrote a song called "Electric Barbarella" (purportedly the first tune ever officially made available for online purchase).
Source: Moviehole



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