Barbaro: The Movie

Though horse racing might be the sport of kings, it never really resonated much with me. I grew up about a mile from a race track and never went there once. Yet some people are so passionate about it. So passionate about it as to fall in love with the horses and actually have them tattooed on their body. Only one horse could inspire that kinda of fantacism and that horse is Barbaro. Once a favorite for the Triple Crown and now a glue stick, Barbaro (apparently) was a big deal. So much so that they're making a Barbaro movie. The team behind FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (the movie, not that NBC TV show) - director Peter Berg and author Buzz Bissinger - have signed on to make GONE LIKE THE WIND for Universal. The film will be based on Bissinger's Vanity Fair article on Barbaro in this month's issue. Barbaro reportedly almost made the cover of the issue only getting beaten out at the last second by Shia LeBeouf. When the reigning Prince of Hollywood barely beats out a horse for the cover of Vanity Fair, you know the world is going topsy turvy. Berg is about to begin production on TONIGHT, HE COMES with Will Smith and Charlize Theron and has THE KINGDOM due later this year.

Extra Tidbit: It's the sport of kings, it's better than diamond rings, it's better than anything.....football!
Source: Variety



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