Bark bark! What's that Benji? You're getting a reboot?

Most kids today probably have no idea who or what BENJI is but that's about to change. Fox and Walden are teaming up on a reboot of the classic film series about a heroic stray dog. Writing and directing the film will be Joe Camp, Jr. (LOVE HAPPENS) who just happens to be the son of Joe Camp, creator of the franchise.

Camp says he's launching a nationwide search to find a new Benji with hopes that, like the original dog, he can find a stray in a dog pound.

He said he paired with Walden because they're interested in the "true emotional journey that Benji went on." Benji went on an emotional journey? I think the kids, specifically that poor little girl bound and gagged in the poster above, was slightly more emotionally traumatized that Benji.

The original BENJI cost only $100,000 and went on to gross over $40 million.

Extra Tidbit: How about the film's villain is a sports superstar who runs a dogfighting ring?
Source: Variety



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