Baruchel joins league

I’m going to try and write this article without bragging—ah f*ck it. I know someone who knows Jay Baruchel. There, I said it. I’ve lived in Montreal for five years, and Baruchel is someone I like to refer to as a MMF (Major Montreal Figure). He loves this town, he lives here between shoots, and I see him out here and there. One time I was wasted and approached him in a bar pretending to be visiting from Russia. With an accent, I told him how much I loved UNDECLARED. He was appreciative. Then I spent the rest of the night, gawking at him from a distance, completely star struck and ignoring the cute bird that was getting all up in my jock. He’s currently filming the Ben Stiller-directed TROPIC THUNDER, which should turn him into a major star, and that bodes well for a little film called SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE.

LEAGUE is about a guy who ends up dating a stone-cold-stunner, only to end up sabotaging the relationship because he thinks she’s too good for him. Haven’t we all experienced that before? When we date someone who is incredibly hotter than we are, and then we ruin the relationship because of it? Yeah, that’s a real familiar situation. A bloke named Jim Field is directing this one, and he’s part of a British sketch comedy troupe, which means he knows funny. As for Jay, next time I spot him around town I'll be sure to send all the deets to Gawker.

Extra Tidbit: I once saw Jay screen a short film he made at an open projector night. It was an extremely violent work.
Source: Variety



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