Basterds comic?

It's still unclear how INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS will go over at the box-office but if it fails, it won't be for a lack of trying. I think we've reached a saturation point (at least I have) on BASTERDS marketing, especially with the addition of the new BASTERDS mini-graphic novel.

Though it's only six pages long, they're calling this BASTERDS adaptation a "graphic novel" presumably. because "graphic novel" has more of a prestigious feel than "comic." But make no bones about it, it's really just a glorified comic. It appears in the September issue of Playboy (the one with Heidi Montag on the cover) and features a scene selected by Tarantino. It's the interrogation of the Nazi officer by the Basterds before Eli Roth comes out with his baseball bat and, well, does what the Basterds do.

If you're adverse to going to a newsstand and picking up a copy of Playboy (especially one with Heidi on the cover), lucky you, because the entire thing is online. Click below to check it out at Playboy.com and don't worry, the link is safe for work.

Extra Tidbit: This makes me wish Tarantino would write a series for an established comic franchise.
Source: Playboy



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