Basterds gets date!

We all kinda knew that Quentin Tarantino's INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS would premiere at the Cannes Film Festival next year (seeing as how he boldly proclaimed that before filming even started), but we were never sure when the rest of us would get to see it. Now we know. The Weinstein Co. and Universal Pictures have announced an August 21st release date for the film. It's a surprising date for a couple reasons: 1) If they were going for summer, why go for such a late date? Why not something with a higher profile?, and 2) If you're positioning this for Oscar success, why not later in the fall when it'll be more fresh in Oscar voters minds? Kinda strange but then again I've given up trying to predict what the Weinsteins are going to do with their schedule (ZACK AND MIRI on Halloween??). TWC is handling the domestic distribution of the film while Uni is taking on international territories (an international date hasn't been set yet). Now I wonder when we'll get ourselves a first glimpse of the film through trailer?

Extra Tidbit: It looks like they're sticking with that botched spelling of the title...
Source: JoBlo.com



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