Basterds minus 40?

INGLORIOUS BASTERDS It should really come as no surprise that The Weinstein Co. is on the brink of financial ruin. They make a habit of suppressing movies with marquee names that have a legitimate chance of making decent bank at the box office then proceed to spend millions upon millions of dollars on what they consider to be prestige films that maybe win a couple of awards but make absolutely no money. In any case, multiple news outlets today are giving the grisly details on just how bad The Weinstein's situation is and the fact that they desperately need Quentin Tarantino's World War II Nazi-scalping, Brad Pitt starring drama INGLORIOUS BASTERDS to succeed in a definitive way for the company even to have a hope of surviving. Needless to say, the mixed reviews at Cannes set off about a hundred alarms and they're now asking Tarantino to cut a whopping forty minutes from the film. According to Sharon Waxman over at "The Wrap", "Weinstein and coproducer Universal are both trying to convince Tarantino to cut it by 40 minutes. (It’s now 2’40”, and considered too long a sit, especially for American audiences.)" Somehow, that doesn't seem likely.

Extra Tidbit: Nikki Finke has more of TWC's road to ruin HERE.
Source: The Wrap



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