Bat-decision when?

Bat -Poker Tournament

There's so little real news about the next batman movie that I'm actually reporting on when we can expect news about it. But hey, news is news. So...

The good folks from Batman on Film, usually pretty much on the money when it comes to de-bullshitting the legions of rumours on the subject, got word from a "trusted source" (I love that kind - anonymous, but trusted...) that Warner and director Chris Nolan should make an official announcement in January regarding the next Batman film. Not so much a title or story but simply whether Nolan will definitely be making it or not, since apparently he's still on the the fence about it.

Word is the announcement would come when marketing for INCEPTION starts picking up speed, news of one boosting the other. I'm guessing the announcement will be postponed if he's not making the film; Warner won't risk having the backlash from die hard TDK fans ruin their Box-office take for INCEPTION.

Needless to say, Warner will keep making Bat-Films as long as fans pay to see them, even if Chris Nolan doesn't stick around. But it'd be nice to see him back to make a trilogy out of it. Then let someone else reboot all over again...

Thanks to Moviehole for the heads-up.

Extra Tidbit: So where are we on the Next Villain rumors?? I've lost track...
Source: Batman on Film



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