Bateman, Aniston, you!

Do you think you have what it takes to test your acting chops against the wonderfully sublime Jason Bateman, and the wonderfully tanned Jennifer Aniston? Well if you live in Manhattan, are a grossly overweight woman of loose morals or a petulant teen with bad skin, here's your chance! Grant Wilfley Casting has posted an ad on craigslist looking to fill the following roles for the upcoming Bateman/Aniston film THE BASTER.

- A Heavy set women who is able to ride a bike and comfortable in provocative wardrobe who is comfortable having profanities shouted at her.

- A woman with a round face, small eyes, and upturned nose who is comfortable having profanities shouted out at her in a comedic scene.

- A rail thin teen boy with bad skin, bad acne.

Directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck--the dudes who brought us BLADES OF GLORY--THE BASTER features a woman (Aniston) who impregnates herself with a turkey baster, only to discover that the sperm she used was that of an old friend (Bateman). I may not necessarily like the plot, but my recent struggle with acne will for sure land me the role of the teen boy. See you in Hollywood jerks! You can check out the rest of the ad HERE.

Extra Tidbit: I wish I could be cast as the turkey baster.
Source: craigslist



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