Bateman extracts Judge

Or should it be Bateman judges Extract? Either or. After the success (and genius of OFFICE SPACE), hopes were high for Mike Judge’s return to the live-action game, IDIOCRACY. After the studio somehow botched the distribution, it got a direct-to-DVD release. After watching it, or at least some of it, it was easy to see why. OFFICE SPACE it ain’t. Now Judge is trying to redeem himself with a project called EXTRACT, which Miramax will distribute and which will be produced by Judge’s new production house, Ternion. Judge has also gone ahead and landed him the perfect leading man in Jason Bateman, who fits right into that Judge mold of the relatable, sympathetic everyman perfectly. The film “explores what it's like to be the boss when everything seems to be shifting around you.” I have no idea what that means so can someone help me out here please? Explain what kind of plot this could possibly be, because I'm stumped. Bateman will be seen next in the summer tentpole HANCOCK.
Extra Tidbit: Jason Bateman's sister is FAMILY TIES star Justine Bateman.
Source: Variety



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